Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Project Coast2Coast Team 14 Fundraising Initiatives

Dear friends, families and supporters of Project Coast2Coast,

We are pleased to inform you that Project Coast2Coast is sending its 14th team to Iligan City, Philippines for the Post Typhoon Sendong Recovery Project. The project will be from 15th to 27th December 2012. A total of 11 passionate youths will be involved in helping to rebuild the homeland for the people affected by the Typhoon Sendong which struck Iligan and Cagayan de Oro, close to midnight, on 16th December 2011. The cities, known to be protected by its natural boundaries of large mountains, were caught unaware and unprepared for such a calamity. In Iligan alone, more than 20,000 families were affected.

Destruction of Typhoon Sendong - Landscape and lives are no longer the same

The team will be going to a temporary Internally Displacement Persons (IDPs) Camp in Mandulog, Iligan City, for the residents displaced by the Typhoon, to build 5 water pumps that can provide drinking water for the IDPs. Currently, the IDPs are using the water source of the school next to the Camp. Having clean water supply within the IDP Camp available at anytime of the day will help lessen the worries the able-bodies might have, of their young and elderly members in the family while they are out earning their daily livings.

Our beneficiary

The team has rolled out several fundraising initiatives to raise the funds for the project. Our target is to raise a total of S$16,000 for the team. We would thus like to appeal to your help in our hope of hitting the target of fundraising and helping the residents of the Mandulog IDPs Camp by taking part in one or more of the events/ activities or even simply by helping us to broadcast to those who may be keen to help us out.

Please find the attached posters for more details on the events as well as the URLs that you can find out more about the details of the fundraising initiatives:

1) Sale of towels @ S$12 per piece
Colour: White (80 GSM)
Dimensions: 70cm by 35cm
Cost: S$12.00 per piece

2) 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

Date: 18 November 2012
Time: 8am to 2pm
Venue: West Coast CC
More details:

3) Singles Kite Flying
Date: 24 November 2012
Time: 3pm to 7pm
Venue: To be revealed upon confirmation of registration
More details:

4) Ride for Hope by Coast2Coast Team 14
As part of our fundraising effort, the team will attempt a Night cycling from East Coast Park to the Philippines Embassy. For more details of the ride, please do contact the team members of Team 14 directly

For further enquiries/ clarifications, please do not hesitate to check with me at 98735023 or

We look forward to your kind support.

For more information about Project Coast2Coast, please do visit

"Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air,  but only one second without Hope." ~ Anonymous

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