Thursday, 13 December 2012

Project Coast2Coast Team 14: We're Ready for Iligan =D

The team of 10 others whom I am really glad to have, persevering the tough times and standing firm on our feet and it is my pleasure to announce that, "Yes, we are finally going to Iligan, Philippines!"

From the days I conducted the interviews, to our first meeting and passing through stages where people went and new people came, till today - so much had happened, but nothing had taken away my sense of appreciation for those who have fought hard and worked hard. Let us all not forget what we started out for and keep this in our mind as we go through the 13 days in Philippines and eventually bring these lessons back to Singapore to share with others.

Now, from the beginning...

Remember the 'S' and the 'L' that got us so confused?

And of course, looking at the objectives that the team set out to achieve, I was glad to see that we set out with a BIG HEART and the PASSION to GIVE.

We also had a morning of fun, sweat, getting dirty and learning at Tzu Chi's Recycling event on 11.11.12. That was like a prelude to our visit to the Dumpsite in Iligan City to better understand the living condition of the people living at the Dumpsite.

Kudos to the Team and our Honorary Treasurer for the success in the Singles Mingle Kite Flying to fund raise as well as promote friendship =D Thanks also to all those who turned up that day.

The tough times of having to raise S$16K in the short 2 months or even lesser had finally come to pass, all thanks to the generous supporters, friends and families who have played a big role in us being able to finally set foot on Iligan to carry out the project. Our long wait is finally coming to an end, as we finally packed our logistics and also our feelings together with the boxes.

Certainly, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Iligan City for welcoming us with their arms wide open. There are also many other people whom I am deeply indebted to, in making this dream come true for us. These are just some of them....

See you all very, very soon, in Iligan! =D

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