Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

As many of us may have heard, "When life gives you lemon, make lemonade out of it." And as I started to believe that 'everything happens for a reason', I usually managed to convince myself that the reason is for me to grow stronger out of it.

Looking back at my life journey, I am glad that it had pushed me so much out of my comfort zone that I achieved alot more than I thought I would have.

Something prompted me to look back and 'pen' this life journey of mine, from the time I can remember, in the simplest format, of how I get to be who I am today.

13 years old: Made the first Macdonald's purchase (Yes, it's true!!) and learnt to eat Hotcakes the
                      birthday-cake-style =P and till this day, I still enjoy my Hotcakes that way

14 years old: In life, you do not always have to go for the best; just go for what is best for you. A concept
                      alien to many of this age, but not for me

15 years old: I first met a lady (who eventually became a good sister of mine) and learnt about Christ. A
                      friendship and relationship had been forged, for a lifetime. God really had his plans for me,
                      long time back

16 years old: Time of turmoil and dilemma but yet I chose, the tougher and path less travelled, the
                       Polytechnic route. It was a difficult choice, but there was no regret

17 years old: Started the journey to be a Scout but this journey of Scouting will go on for life. This journey
                      was where the most important skills, the greatest of friendship, the sweetest of
                      memories but also nightmares came from

18 years old: 17 days in an Iban longhouse. Took my first shampoo and shower in the heavy rain; that
                       moment, serving others became an addiction; it may bring you to the poorest place, but it will
                       show you the richest people

19 years old: Life presented breakthrough and that assured me of my capability and it had served me well
                       till today

20 years old: Challenged life to tame me as a fresh, bold graduate out of Polytechnic and with nothing to
                      lose. Well, life's an adventure; you need to explore it

21 to 23 years old: Life was a bliss in those 3 years. I learnt that 'One should not settle for anyone, but only
                                the best for oneself' and I still hold dear to this

24 years old: Life threw me a challenge. It took away one of the most precious person of my life, but it told
                      me that I have a choice, to be defeated or to grow stronger from this. I chose the latter and
                      the rest is history

25 years old: Trying to live in the shadow of another: I probably lost myself...

26 years old: I did the marathon of my life. It left me nothing but emptiness. It made me question what I
                      was after, a life pursuing what others are going after or what I want to go after?

27 years old: This place, Cambodia, taught me the greatest, yet most humble lessons of life. I may not be
                      wealthy (money) but I am rich (blessings). It seemed like I woke up from a long, long sleep; to
                      see how my life are piecing together with the lessons I picked up along the way and that life
                      has bigger plans for me than to live in the shadow of another

28 years old: 2 years after volunteering with Special Olympics, I decided this is the way of life, "It is not
                      about running my own race, but to help others who need that little help to cross the finishing line
                      of their race in life.”

29 years old: 53 days, 11 contingents, 6 countries, over 300 youths, one message: 'Be brave, be the
                      change you want to see in the World'

30 years old: Riding the waves of change; lots of ups and downs, but BELIEVE you just get stronger

31 years old: Now! Always an advice to myself: Live and breathe your dreams, no matter how absurd it
                       may sound to many. For somewhere, somehow, there will be someone who will believe in
                       that dream of yours and you only need that someone to keep you going.

Well, every bit of what you have been through really makes you who and what you are today. So, if there is something that can sum up my life up till now, it will be this:

We all have our fair share of difficulties in life, but do not be defeated. Travel, talk to people, do the unusual things that you usually will not do - and it will open your eyes and your heart. You will learn that, there are so many who are much more wretched than what you are going through in life, but it does not rob them of their dreams.

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