Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Friends of Peaceful Children Home - A Sponsorship program

Peaceful Children's Home is a place where happiness can be found in abundance, but do you know that these happiness actually make my heart ache so much, so much? When I thought that life had not been fair to me, God allowed me to meet these 'Angels' who soon became part of my life journey.

These children make my heart ache for them
When they show no emotions when I asked them about them visiting their real families
When they tell you that their only Home is Peaceful Children's Home, not anywhere else
When they long to go home, in the arms of their real family, but they cannot

Looking at them made me ask why these children have to go through so much, just as a child
When they have to use lit candle to study in the dimly lit dormitory room
When the 13, 14 year agers tell me their favourite food is Hamburger when I expected something more
When they tell me they want to be doctors and lawyers so that they can help their people, their country

Hard their life journey may be; they never fail to keep my heart warm
Seeing their smiles, no matter how difficult things may be
Witnessing their love, for their little brothers and sisters at the Home
Hearing them say "see you again" sincerely at every departure, even though that 'again' may not come
Feeling their appreciation, no matter how small the gift they received is
Watching them pick themselves up, despite falls in the course of chasing their dreams

Friends of Peaceful Children's Home (FOPCH) is a Sponsorship program started in Holland for individuals to sponsor a child on a monthly basis. The amount sponsored will go to the food, daily necessities, medical and school materials. Do take a moment to read on and find out more about the Homes and the children.

FOPCH is looking for more sponsors, and if you are keen to sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact any of us to find out more or even to find out how you can make a trip down to the Homes to visit these lovely children and place:

Feikje (Netherlands) -
Linden (Italy) -
Jinnie (Singapore) –
Adeline (Singapore) -

These Angels had taught me so much about Life and Living and I hope, these little things that I do for them, can help them even more in life.

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love" ~ Mother Theresa

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